Saturday, 29 September 2012


We all decided it was about time we went to the zoo . .I,ve never really been a fan but i can see they have their place and we do have a boy that,s mad about animals. so back in July we ventured to Whipsnade zoo. I,d never been before and I have to say as zoos go it was pretty good. We had a great day and we were all completely exhausted by the end of much walking!  Here are just a few pictures but we were so taken with it we got membership for the year so there will be plenty more visits.



Oh the giraffes..amazing animals

Picnic on the hill.
We didn,t realise that the zoo is on top of one end of the Chilton Hills and has the most awesome view.It made my day to be able to sit and enjoy it.


What a sky

Stripes !


I love the Flamingos

..and the seals were my favourite.
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