Sunday, 28 October 2012

Meet and eat

Still catching up,    it feels a bit like when I used to keep a diary as a kid and I would have to catch up days and weeks because i had let my journaling lapse. So ..all these years later and I,m still not on it. Busy life is what i much to see ,so much to do. Well I have now caught up to August Bank Holiday,almost September and we had a lovely weekend meeting up with old friends,camping and barbecuing. The campsite was not far from Ashdown forest where the inspiration for Winnie the Pooh by A.A Milne came from. Also the campsite also seemed to house a collection of old  London buses in a barn and it was a treat to see them being taken out for a Sunday drive.

A very old oak tree


Someone had worked very hard to create all these very tasty cupcakes. Hmmmm


We had one very pleasent day

Followed by a very rainy one

Ye olde red bus !

last to leave.. we do like our camping !
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Friday, 19 October 2012

Applecross Adventure

Applecross Bay

What an amazing place,totally worth the long drive to get there.So far away though,so isolated as I imagine so much of Scotland to be. I,d never been anywhere that was quite as quiet as this.I heard no air traffic,very few cars,the sea was still and sheltered by the isle of Raasy and the Isle of Skye.Long Lost forgotten cottages,most of them now holiday cottages....,lots of tourists....few Scottish accents here I noticed.. A place that would have been been busy and bustling once many years ago in a real life way ,now a stop for strangers to wonder at and relax in. I wondered how people survive here, community jobs and working from home maybe. The beauty of the place , the  proximity to nature , the flora and fauna ,the sea , the amazing air . We all loved it and would have stayed if we could.


A small loch

A funny place to find a monkey puzzle

Traditional music in the local pub

View from the tent

Yay! we saw deer

We had to walk a couple of miles to reach this beach,there was only an old drover,s path. The cottages were holiday lets and their visitors  also had to walk the path or come by boat !This beach is a coral beach and that lovely white sand is not sand but minute pieces of coral!!

Time flies when you,re having fun on the beach
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Scottish Road Trip (part 2 )

Another bridge  near  Inverness, just beyond but we went east to stay briefly at a place i,ve always wanted to visit..Findhorn. an ecovillage that has some interesting events going on. It was very interesting wandering about the place. Such a shame that it is so far away...more places like this would be good for communities everywhere.


Then west onto Lochness, Drumnadrochit

And then the long, long drive even further west

to....the peninsular  where we were to find the village of Applecross
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