Monday, 23 April 2012

Flower Power

Last weekend we drove into London to the East End. It was Sunday and we went  for a wander down Columbia Road..which is known for it,s busy and vibrant flower market...

If you don,t get there early it gets very busy!
and early means 7.30am

I really like Mimosa

the shops either side are worth a look but with three little people I had to be content with a quick look through the windows

getting busy now

this was a shop of curiosities..jessiendbuddugtheshop

some March Hares still about

a welcome spring sight

a little peek through this gallery window &WORK

we went to Brick Lane which to me was beginning to take on a very Camden feel .Had the best salt beef bagels ever from the famous bagel shop and finally a quick look around Spitalfields Market which had changed so much since Iwas last there about 8 years ago..alot of building has happened in this part of London but it still felt quirky especially Brick Lane

          I didn,t mention it yet but although the sky was a brilliant blue  and sunny it was bitterly bitterly cold  . It was good to arrive home again !

Sunday, 22 April 2012


Well, we visited this little town .  It lies just outside Brighton and here along side the riverside is this motley collection of houseboats which I think creates quite a local  interest and a most satisfying walk and look see into an unusual world . It was fun to have a little nosy. I think there is even a website about them