Sunday, 16 September 2012

Glastonbury camping (June)

Well, we also spent a week camping on a lovely farm just a short walk from Glastonbury tower. The farm is called Paddington Farm and they offer accommodation and camping to groups. Yet again it was a very wet week .It was my first week camping just me and THREE  kids and was not without trauma as on the 2nd evening my boy slipped and split his lip up to his nose..eughh.. but we survived the ordeal and even carried on camping even though it was extremely  wet and muddy. My nerves were a wee bit frayed though but it was still the beginning of our camping season and i still had lots of energy !

Glastonbury tower


 A great view

The wishing tree at the bottom of the hill.

Glastonbury has an awful lot of this going on...crystals..pagan pursuits, natural springs , bookshops...lovely food in numerous cafes and eateries,all with a mystical spiritual commercial  touch. it has to be visited to be believed. It is reputed to be the gate of Avalon and the does seem to have some special magic in spite of all the commercialism and I did enjoy visiting.

 The yurts on the farm. It would have been  great to have stayed in one of these.
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