Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Underwater World

Well...it has rained and rained and i have not been at the allotment much. The ever increasing pressure of planting is upon me so we took a little trip to the garden centre,,yay ! Cabbages,purplesprouting broccoli,Brussels sprouts,lettuce,beets,and herbs were bought and then we headed to the aquarium next door to ogle and stand in wonder at the incredible beauty and other worldliness of the marine tanks. I always feel in awe of the colours and patterns and inspired .. The kids love it too and also the baba !


Untitled !

Actually having time to play a little..cutting and sticking and not thinking too much

Indian Runners

I had never seen ducks like these before now . They are called Indian Runners and they are funny.  The source of many a cartoon duck I imagine. I love  them!

Another weekend ramble in the woods......

Rabbit Holes 

A tree hole

A closer look

There were so many spiders here but my camera just couldn,t zoom in close enough


Made it back to the van


Thursday, 10 May 2012

Wednesday walk day

Well, it has been very, very wet around here these past 3weeks,the  talk of a drought because of our dry winter has now gone out of the window  ...as  often happens  here we do have a lot of rain.. particularly when we think it should be warm and dry..our problem is we are not so good at collecting it  and extremely wasteful ! Anyway our Wednesdays have been a wash out and so very muddy but we have still ventured out all except one day! I forgot my camera  so will not yet be able to show the full extent of muddiness that we endured..another time . These are pictures of our regular walk a couple of weeks ago  to try and see deer that are in a sanctuary and are supposed to be directly descended from Henry VIII,s  own herd . Can you see them there in the distance? We often don,t see them as the children are so noisy they frighten them away !



We were there yesterday and since last week all the leaves are out. The trees must be loving the rain.

Playing  "house" with finds from a tip of wood !