Thursday, 27 September 2012

Irish Wedding


Back in July the baba and I flew over to attend the wedding of a close friend .It was back in her home town..Dublin and the wedding was just outside the city along the coast near Malahide. It was a stormy day with a few torrential downpours that we miraculously missed when we moved from venue to venue.The bride looked beautiful and her man proud !!The reception was held in a Michelin star restaurant and the meal was absolutely delicious and moreish: the wine flowed,everyone was merry and there was something quite cosy being there and the rain beating at the window panes outside. The day finished at an oldy worldy Dublin pub with a traditional band. . A lovely day.
Oh yes !!there was one little blip ! My poor little baba gets carsick, as i discovered  not once not twice but four times.. Oh yes..sick all over Mummy. poor poor Mummy. It, was fortunate that there was wine to help ease the discomfort of smelling one,s front. ! Aah the joys of  Motherhood.. But wait ,there is more to this story. We were chatting about the whole sorry state of childhood carsickness and another friend said "Hear ,have you not tried newspaper ? try sitting her on newspaper,it will break the static . Give it a go."
So give it a go I did  and  hey presto it works. To think all these years I was under the impression it was motion sickness but no it is all down to static.That piece of advice saved our summer .
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  1. Gorgeous wedding pics. Congratulations and best wishes to the newly wed!!