Friday, 23 March 2012


 Back in the allotment after a winter of neglect. I,m a bit later than usual , last year it was February but I have just had a baby. It,s a bit of a mess but we,re at that stage of hopeful anticipation of the growing season  and I love that.

 It looks a sight now but just you wait...
 And what joy a baby that loves to bounce!

 And girls that still love to play

Up up up and away.....

Thursday, 22 March 2012

" fun days"

Well.. I would never have imagined I would be doing this but we went to Butlins at Bognor Regis and we had Fun. The kids had a great time . The adventure was not without it,s fair share of over stimulated exhausted children . it was a very fast paced experience ..there was a lot to do , a fun fair , crazy golf , climbing wall,  a fantastic swimming pool and flumes, entertainment at night and we had to fit in eating and sleeping too !   But we did it.
All 18 kids ,plus adults
 The weather was very kind to us

 One minute we were all picnicking on the beach the next the sea mist had rolled in,
We might even do it again.
One day....

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Wednesday is" Woods Day "

                                                 first signs of spring..beautiful snowdrops

                                                "our" funny little shack in the woods

                                    hot water for a nice cup of tea... we get through a lot of tea !

                                                   off for a walk..

                                                               boys with sticks !

                                                running back to the "den"

                                               pretty skies

Well, Wednesday is a day in the woods. We bring food to share, have a fire ,drink lots of tea,chat and keep half an eye on our collective group of kids who have great fun playing and exploring and learning.
Sometimes it can be hard going,we go all year round but we always arive home tired but energised from just being there.
We are so lucky to have our  forest day.