Friday, 21 December 2012

Aberdour beach

Aberdour  is a very picturesque village and beach very close to where my brother lives. The village had an interesting witchy shop and several little crafty galleries and present shops and a yummy bakery. I imagine it is very touristy in the summer. Considering it was November we managed to spend hours on the beach looking for treasures and playing. We were again blessed with  beautiful weather. There is the stunning view across the estuary to Edinburgh and  lots of big boats to look at.It seemed very busy.It felt wonderful to be close to nature,outside in the fresh air just being.


Edinburgh castle  on zoom  ! across the estuary

The remains of the Victorian jetty

Can you see the house on it,s own  little hillock !


The kids found a hermit crab

An unexpectedly goodish zoom of the moon..the ones that didn,t have camera shake.!
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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Deer Santuary

My boy is just mad about deer...well all animals but particularly deer. When he was very little he was even going to be a daddy reindeer when he grew up !So it was only right to visit the little deer sanctuary near Cupar. Here we saw all types and also wolves ,lynx, wild cats and birds of prey . I also glimpsed my first ever Red Squirrel. I just managed to see the beautiful orange red of  it,s tail and back before it vanished.It was very exciting I can tell you. We also saw the wolves being fed...ugh.. they eat big hunks of meat and bone practically whole with a couple of bone splintering bites...hence the saying..wolfing it down I suppose! I would not rate my chances if I were to find myself lost and wandering with a pack of wolves near by. they are magnificent though...and the wildcats too. lots of  interesting sounding genetic tests are going on to determine the genuity of supposedly wild cats to see how many truly wild ones there are and where they are in Scotland and the borders. I,m sure I,ve met a few tabbies in my travels that have had a bit of wild cat in them !

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St Andrews walk about

Look at this... a delectably gorgeous cake shop that we feasted our eyes upon.So pretty.
My daughter dreams of having a cake shop so this was right up her street and an inspiration



Funky deli

Breathtaking Hydrangeas

The skies in Scotland were just amazing

St Andrews Beach  ( I think the one where  the film Chariots of Fire was shot and where the band Pink Floyd photographed  their Momentary Lapse of Reason album cover !!) This beach is adjacent to the very famous St Andrews golf course .
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