Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Shoreditch amble

We went to Shorditch, East London. There was a lot to see. I really enjoyed ambling about. The children were being babysat and we had a very rare evening out. It was such a treat to walk,look and take it all in in such a relaxed manner. We finished it off with a curry in Brick Lane.. it is famous for it,s curry houses. We  had such a good time. It felt like we were from another country visiting this city and taking it all in and savouring it.

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Zoo Time

We went to our favourite zoo. Whipsnade.We always have a great day here.

Peacocks are so splendid and majestic. What amazing colours.

I love the elephants. We were fortunate to come across them being taken for a walk around the zoo. It was so sweet. They were all holding each others tails , just like in the Jungle book ! I wasn,t quick enough with my camera though.

A mama and her baby.


I took alot of pictures of this tree and it,s wonderful cracks and lichen..

The family !

Bluebell time..very late

The penguins and a lovely view.


The allotemont
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Brighton Mayday

A trip to Brighton. It was the first weekend in May and there was the children,s  May Day Parade.
We had a lovely weekend visiting friends. 
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