Thursday, 28 February 2013

February moments

Another month that has flown by. Still freezing cold, still  no car and we were still coughing. But it feels like that is behind us now, it was so draining but now it,s time to build our strength up : it,s getting lighter every day,we are waking earlier and we have been out more..even a couple of good walks.There is a hint of spring in the air although it is a long way off yet..Hopefully we will make it to our allotment soon and will be out more.

We attempted to make cake pops.I,m not sure about them.Alot of work for a moments indulgence.Maybe we need practice!

Her first proper walk!

Me !

Practise session 2.Still not sure about them.

Valentines day!
Spoilt by gorgeous daughter no 1

Crochet. A facecloth made of linen.
Quick and enjoyable .
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