Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Scottish Wedding

A lovely little wedding in an old and charactful setting.
Kilconquhar Hotel and Estate

There was harp playing throughout and it was really was. I enjoyed listening to it so much.

Aaah , my two little lovelies. They were so excited !

The Bride and Groom looking gorgeous .

Married !


Look at all the orbs ?? in the room.

A Barn owl  "dropped !" the rings.

The cake and another owl theme ..the owl and the pussycat poem was read out in the ceramony.
There is some owl love going on here me thinks.

The room transformed for a banquet.

Aaah .. Mr Fox ! He was so chuffed with his foxtail ..  .not everyones cup of tea I know but this little chap is animal mad so when this tanned tail was found on the ground at the end of a festival , he pounced on it and claimed ownership....

Our just toddling baby girl.

A very regal picture I think.

The beginning of our banquet


Finished off with a little bit of traditional dancing and some more modern tunes.

We were all exhausted  by the end of the day.
A very enjoyable experience.
Much love and happiness to the new couple... and thankyou for a fantastic day.
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  1. A good picture of Graeme's back in the last picture! :-) xx