Saturday, 15 December 2012

Scottish Adventure 2

Next day after the wedding, the sun shone brightly and we had to be out of the timeshare by 10am which felt like a huge rush .So there we were.. a beautiful day and all ready for a good sight seeing van trip.  We leisurely pottled up the coast to St Andrews for the day. I didn,t get any good pictures of the cabbage fields which were fantastic to see..even fields of purple cabbages too.  Not too sure  of names of all the little places we passed through either. Oh and a very strange sight to see for a Southerner  ..big bale straw only just baled ??? this is November guys !

The Isle of May ..with it,s old lighthouse ,a pinnacle for all to see. Scotland,s first lighthouse. The island a sanctuary for sea birds.

Big bales !!

Pittenweem harbour


Washing lines flank the harbour

View to St Andrews

Driving into town

The old castle

The Abbey (ruins)

Harbour wall

Lobster pots

View back to Abbey

Castle (ruins)
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