Saturday, 15 December 2012

Deer Santuary

My boy is just mad about deer...well all animals but particularly deer. When he was very little he was even going to be a daddy reindeer when he grew up !So it was only right to visit the little deer sanctuary near Cupar. Here we saw all types and also wolves ,lynx, wild cats and birds of prey . I also glimpsed my first ever Red Squirrel. I just managed to see the beautiful orange red of  it,s tail and back before it vanished.It was very exciting I can tell you. We also saw the wolves being fed...ugh.. they eat big hunks of meat and bone practically whole with a couple of bone splintering bites...hence the saying..wolfing it down I suppose! I would not rate my chances if I were to find myself lost and wandering with a pack of wolves near by. they are magnificent though...and the wildcats too. lots of  interesting sounding genetic tests are going on to determine the genuity of supposedly wild cats to see how many truly wild ones there are and where they are in Scotland and the borders. I,m sure I,ve met a few tabbies in my travels that have had a bit of wild cat in them !

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  1. The only place I have ever seen a red squirrel is Scotland! They are so lovely! And when I saw one at Rannoch it was kind enough to sit on a branch so I could study it! xx