Thursday, 10 May 2012

Wednesday walk day

Well, it has been very, very wet around here these past 3weeks,the  talk of a drought because of our dry winter has now gone out of the window  often happens  here we do have a lot of rain.. particularly when we think it should be warm and dry..our problem is we are not so good at collecting it  and extremely wasteful ! Anyway our Wednesdays have been a wash out and so very muddy but we have still ventured out all except one day! I forgot my camera  so will not yet be able to show the full extent of muddiness that we endured..another time . These are pictures of our regular walk a couple of weeks ago  to try and see deer that are in a sanctuary and are supposed to be directly descended from Henry VIII,s  own herd . Can you see them there in the distance? We often don,t see them as the children are so noisy they frighten them away !



We were there yesterday and since last week all the leaves are out. The trees must be loving the rain.

Playing  "house" with finds from a tip of wood !

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