Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bleak Wet Walk

I woke up and was inspired to mend the punctures that had for so long  been on my list of things to do.The bikes have been gathering dust and had not been magically mended by men elves like I had imagined. No ..I was going to have to do it and of course as soon as I did there was no end of help and before you knew it  all was done, readjusted brakes and seats ( some serious growing has been happening ). I did have to mend one puncture twice as I forgot to check inside the tyre for remaining sharp bits but at least I won,t     be making that mistake again..in fact next time I,ll help them mend them themselves .                                                                                                                          
So, where to go ?
Well, we all squeezed into the van and drove a while to Maldon where there is a good park and some estuary walking.First they had fun on the ramps and then we went walking. Forty five minutes into it we noticed the black clouds and it was so windy we decided to turn back but too late we were caught in icy driving rain and were soon soaked to the skin..Of course the kids were very miserable and it did seem along way back but it was good for the experience. I secretly quite enjoyed it . We peeled the wet trousers and socks off huddled under blankets  warmed ourselves up with hot drinks, homemade cake and pasta and then cold and tired  drove back to the cosy  home .                                                                                      
We used to go here and camp overnight in the van ,now there is no staying over night,the park used to be free and now it is a pound an hour and even though it was a Saturday we saw three different council vans checking for  tickets.                                                                                                                                  
One thing hasn,t changed i,m sure and that is the bleakness of it all, we try and imagine what it would have been  like when the Vikings came up the estuary  all those years ago.


we were the only vehicle left in the park !!

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