Tuesday, 15 October 2013

It,s Chestnut Time Again !

We went to Wanstead Park where I know there are 4 long rows of chestnut trees. They are maybe a little late this year as only a couple of trees were dropping their prickly clusters but we still were able to collect a basket full. We were reminded of picking them for the first time a couple of years ago. I,d never picked them before..Iwas heavily pregnant with daughter no2 and could hardly move but still it was so much fun even inspite of the boy being severly wounded by a falling chestnut..well enough to leave puncture marks. We picked loads and later ate lots.Hmmm it was so nice and then later that night Iwent into labour and by breakfast we had a sweet little nut of our own.   My lovliest labour though none of them were not good.This one was totally on our own apart from a doula friend for the last hour. It was very chilled and quiet and I managed it well especially as I had no external  forces to deal with and get in the way of my natural rhythm.  And when she was born I was ecstatic and could not stop laughing and smiling , cuddling and wondering at our new little bundle. So chestnut time has sweet memories for us and the start of a very satisfying foraging tradition for our family.We all love chestnuts and they are so so good for you too !
Go and eat chestnuts.. a fire to roast them on would be just perfect.


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