Wednesday, 3 July 2013

1st outings of Spring and catch up

Oh my goodness, firstly our winter dragged on. Really we only came out of it about 4 weeks ago..last week of May/first week of June ; then suddenly we have been super busy since we have been able to be outside super comfortably. I have a few posts saved not published of small ventures out. So catch up here I go.... (this remind me of keeping diaries when I was young, all conscientious at the beginning then a few gaps here and there until finally abandoned for another year.) I don,t think I will stop this though even if it is a little sporadic as it is so lovely to have a visual account of our life.

On the beach at St Osyths. It was so cold only our lovely boy joined us.

Another freezing day a couple of  weeks after Easter. We went to London zoo....Hmmn a funny zoo,  I,ve always found it to be quite a sad sort of a place,even after they,ve spent loads of money on it .  I just don.t think it works having a zoo in a city. There is no space and  I think you pick up on the feelings of the animals.
It has it.s benefits for providing education and opportunities for city folk but it,s a sad sort of a zoo in my opinion.  It was lovely to see the Aardvarks though and the Seahorses. It was bitterly cold.

A wonderful mechanical bird clock

Humming bird


The never ending crochet blanket I,m working on!

Skyline from Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath. One of the first warm days.
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