Thursday, 31 January 2013

January Roundup

Well..what a long drawn out month January was.  For me it really was a little glum ,mainly  because I had a little accident and wrote my lovely car off... my children and I all had the nastiest cough ever and the baby pushed out teeth 2-8 in 4 weeks ( and fell to pieces and sat for days on my lap..which I secretly enjoyed really! !)..and the weather was horrid..we even had snow. How ever I did manage several little crafty projects. I even attempted to knit mittens which involved 4 needles.It was my first step to getting around to knitting a pair of socks the idea of which has always intimidated me so far but now it is going to happen, I can feel it ,even though it might just be a pair of baby socks to start with.... There was a birthday . 10 years . I,m still a bit in shock about that .  How ??  I,m holding on to every precious moment I have with them and savouring it all.
February is almost here and i,m pulling my apathetic socks up because it.s getting me down ..all this glumness,  enough already . (it was only a car..a thing ..nothing will be replaced,  hopefully soon )
February and a little more light I welcome thee !

a cute little feltie
sweet  knit for my babe 
found here 


enjoying coffee made with fresh beans and a milk frother !

cozy babe

yummy bakes made by daughter no 1
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  1. Clever daughter no 1! Love the knitting and it looks as if Amber does too! Brilliant! xxx